Enjoy Flying by Plane:

Do you repeatedly have bad experiences when you fly by plane? Does your body give you all kinds of unpleasant signals when you board a plane or even think about boarding one? Do you have to travel often by plane and wish it could be a more enjoyable experience? Help is on the way! Most of the discomfort one experiences while traveling by plane is caused by fear and nothing else. We all know that airplane travel is one of the safest ways to travel - safer than car travel actually. With the help of this self-hypnosis recording, you will be able to enjoy traveling by plane and, YES, maybe even fall asleep before the plane takes-off - and enjoy a very pleasant traveling experience!

Enjoy Flying a Plane

Special Thanks

Special thanks to my children who have been more than understanding about what having a career mother implies. Their profound support and pride of me has been and will always be my number one drive.