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The Truth of Hypnosis

If there was a 100% natural method, proven safe and efficient for obtaining better mental, physical and spiritual health, would you be interested?

This tool exists. It's hypnosis. I'm sure certain people are already having a back-up movement in hearing the term "hypnosis" but read what follows, you will be surprised by what you learn. I promise.

Yeah, but me, I don't want someone to control me, to "play" with my brain!

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis that is to say a person cannot be hypnotized against their will. The hypnotherapist is only there to guide you into hypnosis. Like a "Sherpa" who would guide you up a mountain, it is only you that does the climbing. Furthermore, your mind knows better than anybody else what is good for you and will only accept suggestions that are positive for you.

Yes, but I heard stories about people who got stuck in a hypnotic state!

There is not a documented case of a person who did not emerge from hypnosis. In the event a hypnotherapist guides you into hypnosis and then leaves the room, after a while, your own mind would emerge you from hypnosis.

Personally, I find all this too esoteric!

Hypnosis is merely a deep state of physical and mental relaxation where suggestions can be proposed to your mind.

It seams so complicated and it must take a lot of practice to achieve hypnosis!

Although it is true that the more a person practices the faster and easier it becomes. And the more this person will want to go into hypnosis because it is such a pleasant state, but it is not that complicated to go into hypnosis. In fact, some people (the ones who do not experience fear towards hypnosis) can go in a deep and pleasant state of hypnosis the very first time they do it.

-Have you ever been driving your car on the highway and suddenly realize you had arrived in your driveway and didn't know how you got there?

-Did you ever loose track of time while listening to a good movie or while reading a captivating book?

-Do you remember when you were young, how much better you felt when your mother kissed the little wound you had on your knee and how instantly the pain disappeared?

All these situations and many more are only a few examples that you are experiencing hypnosis on a daily basis. It is a natural and pleasant state.

Here is a thought: the strongest opponents to hypnosis in the past have been religious groups, but did you ever notice in which state a person who is praying strongly is? Of course! They are in hypnosis! Interesting don't you think?

What does being in hypnosis feel like? How will I know if I am in hypnosis?

Hypnosis is just a deep feeling of mental and physical relaxation. Take it from an over-analytical person like me who spent the first five months of her hypnosis experience trying to analyze what I was feeling and if I was any different. It's like being in love! You are not different but you are not the same either. It is a pleasant state but the more you force it the less you get it (just like love again!). Imagine that you are trying to catch a feather falling from the sky. If you force it and move your hand vigorously, you will only have the effect of pushing away the feather. If you relax and open your hand, the feather will land right in your hand effortlessly! Hypnosis is the same, you just have to allow it and it happens.

I am afraid I will tell secrets while in hypnosis!

Nothing can be further from the truth because when in hypnosis, you mind is way more powerful, so you are protected by your own mind. As a matter of fact, a liar will be even a better liar while in hypnosis. This is the reason hypnosis has never been accepted as a "truth serum" because liars are even better in hypnosis. Told you that you remain yourself in hypnosis (for better or for worse)! If it happened that a deep secret was revealed during a hypnotherapy session this would only mean that the client's mind trusts the therapist enough to give this confidence in order to have a working rapport. You always keep your freewill.

How does hypnosis work?

First, it works marvelously! The working bases of hypnosis is that once you have a person's mind and body so relaxed, their conscious mind, that is to say the analytical part of their brain is put to rest. Then you can talk to the real master in command, the subconscious mind. This is like our computer's hard drive and you can input a new better program which will then be accepted by the subconscious as improved way of living. Easily and effortlessly afterwards, the change is then programmed and accepted by the mind and results in change of behavior or feeling. Voilà! It is as simple as that.

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