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Weight Loss

Weight LossYou may wonder why there is more than one recording for weight loss. The fact is that people tend to be overweight for many different wrong reasons . Let's see if you agree with me:

  • Did you ever eat in front of the television at night less than four hours after a meal?
  • Did you ever snack between meals food with no nutritive value?
  • Did you ever crave some specific type of food?
  • Did you ever eat out of boredom?
  • Do you agree with the statement "if I don't have it in my house, I will probably not eat it?"
  • Did you ever alternate between privation and excess?
  • Did you ever eat to celebrate?
  • Did you ever empty your plate because someone told you to do it?
  • Did you ever follow a diet or took weight loss pills and then realized , a couple of months later, that you had regained the weight you lost?
  • Did you ever eat food just because it was there?
  • Did you ever eat because you were sad or lonely?
  • Did someone ever give you a candy or food because you were good as a child?
  • Did you ever eat to a point were you felt physical discomfort from being so full?
  • Did you ever take a new year resolution about losing weight and the next year took it again (this time meaning it)?
  • Did you ever wonder how chip companies know exactly the amount of chips to put in a bag because most of the time we empty it?
  • Are you now wondering how chip companies knew our appetite for chips would increase and thus created the "Mega bags" because most of the time we empty it?

You get the idea. You see, we have been programmed to eat for many unnatural reasons in our life and we tend to have parted from this wonderful, natural internal gauge we have, called "hunger."

Do not despair though, your natural signals are still there. They just need to be awakened. Hypnosis can help you in this. Of course, good eating habits need to be coupled with regular physical activities, we all know this.

The most recent use of hypnosis for weight loss was the "dateline weight loss challenge." Hypnosis was one of the methods used and here is the result: "In fifth place, our ladies man under hypnosis, Marc Merlis, also tipped the scales at 210. His total loss was 35 pounds, yet 15 pounds short of his goal."

In fact, in the guidelines for selecting a weight loss program and maintenance, the American Heart association states as a fifth condition "behavior modification."

Of course, you should always consult your physician first. This goes without saying.

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